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Who we Are

Our company was founded by a group of individuals who are committed to providing the utmost care to individuals with a variety of unique abilities. We call it The Odyssey Care Group because we have had a unique journey in the learning of specialized behavioral techniques of care. Our group has 30 years experience in the field and has worked together for the last 10 years in the testing of different techniques of Behavioral Therapy.

We operate in the lower mainland of British Columbia. We offer 24 hour staff - residential care, family centered care, home care support, respite and recreational day programs. We are specialized in dual diagnosis individuals as well as down syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, developmental delays, depression etc.

Our customers are the general public as families needing support or assistance in dealing with their loved ones. We deal with both children, young adults to seniors.

Experts in the Field of Behavioral Therapy

Odyssey Care Group Inc. is a family-operated company. We were born out of two former home care facilities. Our team's members have extensive training, certifications, and diplomas in the fields of cognitive behavioral therapy, counselling, nursing, psychology, and more.

At Odyssey Care Group INC. Many Opportunities and Programs Await You!

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Please check with Community Living of British Columbia to see if you qualify for any support or resources:

Satisfaction Guaranteed