Autism Support

If you are seeking comprehensive and compassionate specialized care for a loved one with autism, look no further than Odyssey Care Group Inc.. We are committed to providing all individuals with the care and attention they deserve. Contact us at (604) 719-7435 to learn more about our services.

We have access to the best resources in caring for individuals with ASD Autism Spectrum Disorders. We have a specialized team of individuals that can help families and guardians gain knowledge in the support and care of their loved one. We integrate the help of families /guardians in the support of the individual with needs by educating them with health, treatment options, basic coping mechanisms when dealing with certain behaviours. We believe that the more support an individual gets, the better the quality of life for that individual and in so many cases the individuals show improvement with a decrease in certain behaviours that inhibit them from reaching their fullest potential.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health, we've established ourselves as the leaders in special needs care and resource.

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